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boromirslover ([personal profile] boromirslover) wrote2011-04-06 03:45 pm

Strang things happening on LJ.

I haven't posted here in forever. I really hope nothing goes bad with LJ. I have been there since before LOTR even came out in the theater. I have made a great friend, Bonnie. I met her on a yahoo group for Orlando Bloom she made. Then she was so kind as to share an invite code to LJ.

I also made another great LJ friend, Lynn. I finally met her last year @ the SPN convention in Chicago. It was amazing and meeting her was awesome. She is a cool ass girl. :D

Then I made another cool ass friend, Jay. We love a lot of the same shows, movies(horror) and we both are choosing to live a childfree life. :)

So LJ means a lot to me.